2014 Australian Grand Prix

2014 Australian Grand Prix

One of the perks of now being Melbourne based is that the opening round of the 2014 F1 World Championship was in my back yard. I spent the 4 days at the Grand Prix (and got to experience the 4 seasons Melbourne weather is known to throw at you over a short period of time…) and again loved every minute. The event as a whole has so much going on, great entertainment, great viewing, great food (and drink) and that’s before you even get started with the on-track action. A few thoughts (and photos) from the weekend;

The V8’s turned it on. These guys are there as a support, no championship points on the line, just pride and some trophies, and boy did they put on a show! Young star Scott Mcluaghlin had plenty of support in the stands, especially when he was going wheel to wheel with Jamie Whincup, the Aussie rubbing a few the wrong way when he ran Scotty into the grass during an attempted pass (and was later penalised). A great weekend to be a Kiwi, New Zealanders winning all 4 races, Shane Van Gisbergen the first three, and then Scott Mclaughlin the third. (Coincidentally that’s 8 wins in a row for Kiwis at the GP, dating back to 2012.)

F1 was again brilliant. It’s such a spectacle every time you get to see these beasts on track and 2014 was no different. A raft of new technical regulations seemed to make even the best of the cars an absolute wild beast to try and drive. Every time a driver came through out spot at Turn 9 and 10 they had to battle with the throttle and brakes for every inch. Every session saw multiple offs, and the occasional smacking of the wall. Qualifying was intense, first of all Australian nemesis Sebastian got a massive roar missing out on Q3 when he finished 12th, but that was matched when in the dying seconds of qualifying Australian Daniel Ricciardo qualified P1!! Only to be beaten a matter of seconds later by pom Lewis Hamilton, the ultimate kick in the guts for Australian fans! It’s illustrated so well in this YouTube video.

The final note; the noise. So many complaints! But… I LOVED it. They sound completely different to what most fans are used to as i’m sure you’ve read, but I don’t think it’s all bad. I heard it described well last week, F1 engines were 10 years out of date last year, now they’ve jumped to be 10 years ahead of the current day, it sounds like you’re listening to the future, they’re brilliant. Everyone will get used to it and move on, especially if the racing continues as it has started here in Melbourne, bring on Malaysia this weekend!

Below are a few images I snapped across the weekend, of course the “catch fence photography” can sometimes be a bit frustrating, but I had to at least get a few shots in between soaking up the atmosphere. A free download of a Scott McLaughlin Facebook cover photo too. Enjoy!

New Kiwi hero Scott McLaughlinTim Slade during qualifyingOne of the many porsches on displayLocal hero Dan RicciardoLotus had a rubbish weekend

Bottas in the beautiful new Martini WilliamsScott McLaughlin during practiceFabian Coulthard qualifying the Lockwood CommodoreThe view of Melbourne from the middle of Albert Park lakeLewis was nice enough to park up in front of us during F1 Practice 1

Scott McLaughlin Facebook Page Cover Photo

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Scott McLaughlin