F1 Wallpapers – Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel & Grosjean

Now available, the F1 Champions (and Grosjean) Helmet Wallpaper Pack! Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean wallpapers to add some F1 driver flair to your smart-phone. Below are the resolutions for your iPhone, Samsung or Android (1920×1080) phone. Again, these are all for free and if you’d like to thank me somehow, jump on my Granger Design Facebook Page and give that a like. Leave any requests in the comments below!

Sebastian Vettel

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  1. hey man, ive been loving your work! absolutely awesome and bonkers to look at!

    mind doing Mark Webber, The Stig, and another one of Vettel’s numerous designs, or like an entire post about Vettel on-offs :)

    1. The Stig is a cool idea! Will definitely do that. Would love to do more of Sebs, but his designs are usually so intense and unique, hard to replicate. Like his bronze helmet he had at Bahrain, bonkers and amazing, but so hard to do it justice.

  2. can you do Vettel’s 2011 Korean GP Helmet, its real simple, Ricciardo, or any of the Caterham ones

    cheers mate, i wished there were more ways for us to like thank you and stuff

  3. All of these r gr8! But they don’t really suit the ipad screen :-( could you do ones with sizes to fit bigger screens, or have I missed sumtin and u already have these?????? :-)

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